10 Cats Who Hate Their Halloween Costumes

Cats are fickle creatures, especially when it comes to Halloween. Though most of us humans have a great time finding Halloween costumes, for cats, it’s a different story. Below are 10 cats having a terrible time in their Halloween costumes; for the sake of their owners, let’s hope none of them decide to change their mind and go as Freddy Krueger.

Number Ten: The Mane Event.

“Really, mom? You put ears on my ears?!”

Number Nine: Gobble Gobble.

“I’m so disgusted I can barely look at you.”

Number Eight: Snoop Catt.

“Get me out of this costume and roll me a joint…of catnip.”

Number Seven: British Rrrroyalty.

“Am I supposed to be regal or evil? Both? Done.”

Number Six: Princess Purrrrfect.

“Get this ball of yarn off of my head so I can play with it!!!”

Number Five: Meowrio.

“If you try and put those ridiculous suspenders on me, you WILL get scratched.”

Number Four: Romeow.

“Just go ahead and bring me the hemlock if you’re going to keep me in this outfit.”

Number Three: Lobster Cat.

“Forget considering the lobster…consider not boiling me!”

Number Two: Just a Game of Cat in Mouse Ears.

“I bet you think it’s hilariously ironic that you’ve dressed me as the thing I literally tear to shreds and eat, but MOOOOOOOOM! Come on!”

Number One: Cowboy Cat.

“This is the Wild West, kitten, and I want absolutely nothing to do with it. Now bring me my trusty steed so I can ride away from this terrible place.”