Top 10 Bizarre Online Purchases (Part 1)

What are the most bizarre online purchases you have ever made? A celebrity’s trash? A phone in the shape of a banana? No matter what your answer, we can almost guarantee that someone has made an even weirder purchase. It really is astounding the crazy things that people will pay money for, or even put up for sale the world wide web. Read on to discover our list of the top ten most bizarre purchases made online.

Number Ten: Britney Spears’ Chewed Gum. We hope this particular item came with a disclaimer, but some crazy fan paid real, cash money for a chewed up wad of this pop star’s gum! Not only did someone pay for this, but they shelled out fourteen thousand dollars for it! But the real question is… was it Winter Fresh, or Bazooka?

Number Nine: A Baby’s Name. Yes, a couple somewhere with an internet addiction decided to put their infant’s name up for sale. In retrospect, it may not have been a terrible idea, as they got over fifteen thousand dollars for it! But was it worth it? Potential child Batman Robertson might disagree.

Number Eight: A Piece of Cereal Shaped like E.T. E.T. is a classic, but how much would you be willing to spend to display a piece of cereal shaped like the Extraterrestrial’s head? One extreme fan decided it was worth the cost of $1,035.

Number Seven: A Man’s Soul. You can literally sell anything on EBay these days, and that apparently goes for your soul. One man did, and received over five hundred dollars for it. That seems like a small sum in retrospect, especially if the buyer turns out to be the Devil! But hey, now even he can find a work-at-home career.

Number Six: Jon Malipieman – The Imaginary Friend. If you are lonely and too busy to create your own imaginary friend, you could always buy one online. Or, if you are the creative and lazy type, you may have just found your new job calling. Creating imaginary friends might just be a profitable business endeavor as Jon Malipieman earned his creator about three thousand dollars.